Internship Opportunity

Rise Social Relations was founded in March of 2021 and was born from two busy Mom’s with a passion for both business development and marketing.

We grew tremendously in our first year of business and have had the pleasure of working with businesses all over the country but primarily in the Greater Lowell Area; working with small “mom & pop shops”, start ups, coaches, trade companies and many local non-profit organizations.

We are so excited you’re here and taking an interest in our internship opportunity!

This internship runs from June 5th until August 25th. This internship is entirely remote (unless you happen to be in the Greater Lowell Area and would be interested in attending real time meetings and events). The weekly time commitment will vary depending on competency levels and will mashup of administrative work, helping to run the behind the scenes business needs as well as helping draft, batch, gather and create content for individual clients.

We’re looking for someone social media savvy, wildly creative, detail oriented and someone we won’t need to babysit.

This position is stipend and if approved by your school can count for credit. We are accepting two interns at this time.

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You can fill out the application online here: